Christians for Biblical Anarchy

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Christians for Biblical AnarchyMy friend Michael over at the Complementarian Christian Coalition Forum has delivered himself of a cogent bit of polemic against religious feminism (aka evangelical egalitarians).  Applying their usual arguments against patriarchy (including the patriarchy inherent in the Biblical worldview) to the governmental institution of the police, he lays out how and why we should form a new organization:  Christians for Biblical Anarchy.

 A sample to whet your appetite:

You know, I was thinking. Policemen do a lot of terrible things. Some
let their power and authority go to their heads. They can intimidate
people and abuse them. And they can even legally carry around the
tools to do this! We all know how they will gang up on and beat up
people they pull over. They even do it in front of their own
dashboard video cameras, as we’ve all seen. How arrogant and out of
control can you get? (I saw a new one yesterday.)  

Read it all here

I’d propose an organizational meeting for the Christians for Biblical Anarchy, but  … hmmm.  That’s kind of counter-intuitive, no?  Kind of like the whole idea of Biblical equality. 


  1. CT   |  Tuesday, 23 January 2007 at 1:10 am

    That whole piece on anarchy was one long piece of abuse. What was it that the pot called the kettle?

  2. Fr. Bill   |  Tuesday, 23 January 2007 at 7:45 am

    Actually, no. Perhaps you’re not that well read in polemical prose, some of which deploys ridicule to good effect. The arguments egalitarians lodge against Biblical patriarchy are what amounts to abuse, and they are worthy of the ridicule found in this apologia for “Biblical anarchy.”

    Some things, and some ways of arguing things, simply cannot be satirized. I think this is why the apologia for “Biblical arnarchy” works so well — if you had substituted “egalitarianism” for “anarchy” in that piece, you’d have wound up with something virtually identical to what is routinely found in places like CBE’s website, or your own!

    Looking briefly over your website (thanks, by the way, for the link!), I see it trots out a number typical egalitarian flummeries and welcome lies. I’ll reference them in the future when critiquing folderol from that quarter. I know some folks think I’m making it all up. But, then, there are blogs like yours which prove that I am not.

  3. CT   |  Wednesday, 24 January 2007 at 9:57 pm

    Ah, well, happy to make your day. Flummeries, lies and folderol! Hmm. Arguments are abuse and ridicule is not. Personally, I haven’t found ridiculing people’s pain a very good persuasive technique or helpful to their spiritual condition. Are you really a pastor?

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