Idiot Alert: Commit Demographic Suicide

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Lifesite News reports that after years of demographic decline, the Russian parliament has passed legislation to restrict abortion. The restrictions represent the first attempt to arrest the demographic decline of Russia, which has been underway since abortion laws were liberalized in the mid-1960s. Russia was also he first nation to legalize abortion in 1920 under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin.

The current birth birth rate is approximately 12.5 per 1,000 people, down from 26.9 in 1950. The average number of children per woman is 1.4, well below replacement rate of 2.1, and the death rate has almost doubled since 1960, to 14.2 per 1,000.

Stephen Mosher, when reviewing his work on demographic winter for a hard-left pro-abortion reporter from The Nation, summarized the situation in Europe as follows:

The populations of no fewer than thirteen European countries, including Russia, Poland, and Hungary, have already begun to crash. The total fertility rate for Europe, including the former Soviet republics, currently averages an anemic 1.4 children per woman, and no increase is in sight. As a result, the current population of 728 million will plunge to only 557 million by the year 2050, a drop similar in magnitude to that occurring during the Black Death. At that point, Europe will be losing three to four million people a year. Three out of four Europeans will have disappeared by the end of the twenty-first century, when the population will number only 207 million. By then the population decline will be irreversible, with the surviving Europeans averaging more than sixty years of age.

The plunge has already begun in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Russia’s population is already decreasing by three-quarters of a million people each year; Ukraine’s, by a quarter million. Russia’s population is slated to decrease from 143 million in 2005 to 112 million in 2050.

And, the situation is not restricted to Western Europe, as Mosher explains further on at the link above to First Things.

Also, check out the website for Demographic Winter: The Decline of the Human Family for fascinating trailers to this documentary and a wealth of statistical data on countries with populations that are rapidly declining (see their FAQ).

Today is not the first time mighty empires have faded away in the chill of a collapse in their populations from a refusal to reproduce. The Black Death in the Middle Ages was an involuntary collapse from disease; the collapse of the Roman Empire was purely voluntary, much along the lines of the decline now observable around the world.

Though I have quoted it recently before in a different blog, Amaury de Reincourt’s summary of the collapse of the old Roman Empire deserves to be repeated here:

It has all started with the feminist revolution in the upper classes; with the progress of democratic equality under the Caesarian empire, it had spread downward and outward, to reach the urban proletariat and the rural peasantry. Infanticide was widespread, and sexual lewdness undoubtedly lowered men’s and women’s fertility; marriage was frequently deferred or avoided altogether. At the end of this evolution, the Western Roman empire was rapidly becoming, in population terms, an empty shell. The Romans actually committed ethnic suicide. [Sex and Power in History (New York: Dell, 1974), pg. 127]


  1. Henry   |  Wednesday, 26 October 2011 at 8:40 pm

    Very interesting. An indication that there is going to be still more work to do to ‘fill the earth’.

  2. Fr. Bill   |  Wednesday, 26 October 2011 at 9:30 pm

    All other things being equal, believers are going to be fruitful while people who lack faith at all will continue to commit demographic suicide.

    On the other hand, the sorts of political turmoil involved in demographic winter will likely plunge the world into wars and rumors of wars for several generations to come. It does not appear our fruitful believing children are going to have a peaceful world in which to rear their broods.

  3. Steve Ramey   |  Monday, 31 October 2011 at 8:21 am

    A very fascinating, albeit totally shocking, book on this issue is “Unnatural Selection” by Mara Hvistendahl. She documents the 161 million “lost girls” through sex-selective abortions of asian girls. Also, the part the Rockefeller foundation, Ford foundation and the U.N. that played a part in this is sickening. The blood on America’s head is greater than just the abortions in our country. The book also shows the effects of a skewed male to female ration in terms of the abuse of woman and the increase of violence, etc. Well worth the read for those interested.

  4. Fr. Bill   |  Monday, 31 October 2011 at 11:55 am

    Hi, Steve,

    We’ve envied your presence in Wien!

    Do you recall if Hvistendahl discusses sex-selection abortion in any other locales, such as America for example?

  5. Steve Ramey   |  Thursday, 03 November 2011 at 8:55 am

    Hi Bill,

    I am not finished with the book yet, but she has hinted at the same issue in America among some immigrant communities from Asia, India, etc. Of course, it does happen in the States as people abort for gender reasons, however it would not be based in a cultural/religious reason. I will let you know as I finish the book.

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