Pecco ergo erro

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I’m pro-choice. I’m pro-gay rights. I’m pro-immigration. I’m pro-gun control. I believe in Darwin. (Michael Bloomberg as quoted in Forbes, October 10, 2011, page 286)

Sometimes you simply cannot believe your ears (or, in this case, your eyes) when a great one of this world sets forth moral verities. And, so, from the last page of Forbes this month, we find moral and epistemological consistency, coherence, and lucidity shining with blinding power from amidst a collection of quotes from men of fabulous wealth.

I think the idea here is that such wealth manifestly endorses the moral and epistemological  authority of those who are quoted, for the headline of this collection is “Thoughts from Forbes 400 members past and present.”  Surely Forbes‘ editors intend that we understand these toughts to be true rather than false, profound rather than trivial. And the irony is this: Bloomberg’s quote is one which everyone must salute as true and profound, whether one joins him in believing in Darwin or not. Here Bloomberg agrees with St. Paul (1 Corinthians 2:13) and King David (Psalm 116:10).  Who knew?

Bloomberg (and King DAvid, and St. Paul) would have us understand that moral and political commitments result from prior convictions, whether those about God or Darwin.  Because Bloomberg believes that what Darwin taught is truth, so he promotes the murder of infants and the normality of perverseness, and so on.  In this case, those committed to the truth of Holy Writ and those committed to the error of Holy Writ agree on the moral consequences of a commitment to Darwin.

If one wishes examples of inconsistency, incoherence, and confusion, look no further than those who claim to be Christians who affirm belief in Darwin but disagree with Bloomberg’s moral agenda on abortion and homosexuality.  Or those who claim to be “Biblical” in their belief but who follow the agenda Bloomberg follows.

Will Bloomberg’s consistency, coherence, and lucidity about his faith and commitments avail at The Doom?  No.  He will confess “Pecco ergo erro,” I sin and so I err.  And, in that confession he will be joined by many within modern professing Christendom, who like him believe a lie and so clothe themselves with wrong.


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