Audio Files for Five Aspects Courses

Audio lectures for the course Five Aspects of  Man and Five Aspects of Woman are distributed from these pages for no charge. These lectures are the textbook portion of the course, read aloud by the authors, Bill and Barbara Mouser.

How to listen to audio lectures

You may listen to the audio lecture  for each lesson in two different ways:

  • To listen online: click on the link below the heading for each lesson in the pages linked below and listen to the lecture through the electronic device through which you accessed this internet page.
  • To listen offline: For Windows computers right-click on the link text that says Download, select “Save …” from the list that pops us, and following the directions in the resulting dialog box. For Mac computers, hold down the control key while you click the download link, then follow the prompts. For other electronic devices (tablets, smart-phones), check your device operating manual for how to download audio files.

The audio lectures you save in this way are MP3 files which you may download and listen to them offline on your computer or other electronic devices (such as MP3 players)

Links to Five Aspects of Woman Audio Files

There are 23 audio lectures for Five Aspects of Woman. The first lecture introduces the entire course. The final two lectures give a backward applicational view of the entire course. If you are considering Five Aspects of Woman as a personal or group study, listening to these three lectures is a good way to review the entire course beforehand.

These links take you to the pages where you can listen to the lectures online and also download the lectures if you wish:

Introductory and Summary Lectures

Lectures for Aspect 1: Mistress of the Domain

Lectures for Aspect 2: Helper-Completer

Lectures for Aspect 3: Lifegiver

Lectures for Aspect 4: Lady of Wisdom

Lectures for Aspect 5: Glory of Man

The Womanliness of Deborah




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