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Audio lectures for the course Five Aspects of Woman are distributed from this page for no charge. These lectures are the textbook portion of the course, read aloud by the author, Barbara Mouser. Audio lectures for the course Five Aspects of Man are being created in connection with a revision of that course. Watch our home page or an upcoming edition of our email newsletter Communique for a notification of their availability in the second half of 2015.

How to listen to audio lectures

You may listen to the audio lecture  for each lesson in two different ways:

  • To listen online: click on the audio player below the heading for each lesson below and listen to the lecture through the electronic device through which you accessed this internet page.
  • To listen offline: right-click on the link text that says Download, select “save” from the list that pops us, and following the directions in the resulting dialog box. The audio lectures you save in this way are MP3 files which you may download and listen to them offline.

Note: Links to the audio files — whether you listen to the lectures online or offline — will only work if clicked on from this page. If clicking on a link on this page generates an error message, simply refresh this page in your browser.

Introductory Lecture, Lesson 1

It is vital that you listen to this lecture before listening to other lectures in this course. The Introductory Lecture provides the proper framework for understanding everything else in the subsequent lectures.

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_01_Introduction.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_01_Introduction.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 01[/s3file]

Mistress of the Domain, Lessons 2-4

Created, Lesson 02:

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_02_MDC.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_02_MDC.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 02[/s3file]


Fallen, Lesson 03:

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_03_MDF.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_03_MDF.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 03[/s3file]


Redeemed, Lesson 04:

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_04_MDR.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_04_MDR.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 04[/s3file]


Helper-Completer, Lessons 6-8

Created, Lesson 06:

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_06_HCC.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on”/]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_06_HCC.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 06[/s3file]


Fallen, Lesson 07:

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_07_HCF.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_07_HCF.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 07[/s3file]


Redeemed, Lesson 08:

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_08_HCR.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_08_HCR.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 08[/s3file]


Lifegiver, Lessons 10-12

Created, Lesson 10:

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_10_LGC.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_10_LGC.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 10[/s3file]


Fallen, Lesson 11:

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_11_LGF.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_11_LGF.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 11[/s3file]


Redeemed, Lesson 12:

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_12_LGR.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_12_LGR.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 12[/s3file]


Lady of Wisdom, Lessons 14-16

Created, Lesson 14:

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_14_LWC.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_14_LWC.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 14[/s3file]


Fallen, Lesson 15:

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_15_LWF.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_15_LWF.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 15[/s3file]


Redeemed, Lesson 16:

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_16_LWR.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_16_LWR.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 16[/s3file]


 Glory of Man, Lessons 18-20

Created, Lesson 18:

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_18_GMC.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_18_GMC.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 18[/s3file]


Fallen, Lesson 19:

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_19_GMF.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_19_GMF.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 19[/s3file]


Redeemed, Lesson 20:

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_20_GMR.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_20_GMR.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 20[/s3file]


Summation Lectures, Lessons 22-23

Summation 1, Lesson 22

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_22_SUM1.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_22_SUM1.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 22[/s3file]


Summation 2, Lesson 23

[s3audio s3url=”5AW_Lesson_23_SUM2.mp3″ preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

[s3file s3url=”5AW_Lesson_23_SUM2.mp3″ ]Download Lesson 23[/s3file]





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