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The first two white papers to move from our old web site to this one is now online: Crosstypes and Is God Masculine?

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Bill's blog Faith and Gender is now partially migrated from the servers of ICGS' old web site to this one. The comments are now visible! When we get a few more tweaks and tests done, the category tags will show up again.

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Duly Noted

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A Bridge Too Far — When Masculinity Mattered at the Movies

Brad schaeffer's essay at Big Hollywood looks at the masculinity portrayed in the 1977 film A Bridge Too Far, noting the sea change in the kind of men one finds in film 40 years ago compared to the male "heros" of today: "the pasty-faced overly-sensitive coastal metrosexual vampire ('Twilight') or the buff but caricatured superhero ('The Green Lantern'). Read all of Schaeffer's essay here.

Schaeffer concludes his essay with this observation:

My son, not yet 10, loves this movie [A Bridge Too Far]. My theory is that when he sees how these soldiers comport themselves with stoic valor that belies their genuine fears it taps into his still developing innate manhood; something primordial in him triggers a connection with alpha males like Col. Frost, the taciturn Gel. Gavin (O’Neal) the rock steady British Genl. Roy Urquhart (Connery), the no-nonsense cigar-chomping Col. Stout (Gould) and the cool and collected Sgt. Dohun (Caan) – who risks court-martial to honor a promise to keep his severely wounded lieutenant alive.





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