Can Anything Good Come Out of Oz?

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Which of the following comes to mind when you think of Oz (aka Australia)?

  • Something to confuse with Austria
  • The home country of Crocadile Dundee
  • The inspiration for a steakhouse franchise
  • Source of kangaroo and boomerang paraphranalia
  • Home of a cadre of female Southern Hemisphere complementarians

That last entry is probably not what you thought of, but now you can and should.  The country which inflicted Kevin Giles on Northern Hemisphere evangelicals has now been redeemed by Christian sisters who expose his siren songs that corrupt and confuse evangelicals’ historic trust in the Bible. 

Equal but Different LogoEqual But Different  had its genesis in the 1992 debates about the ordination of women to the priesthood in the Anglican Church of Australia. But much has happened since then.” 

Seems they’re not given to exaggeration! 

“We realise this is counter-cultural in our feminist society but believe the teaching of the Bible is clear and relevant to our day, despite the passage of time and cultural change.” 


“Equal but Different currently has members all around Australia and overseas, including men and women from many different Christian denominations.”

Excellent, since the egalitarian poison poisons all Christian denominations. 

“All our contributors are women with regular contributors including Lesley Ramsay, Marion Gabbott and Claire Smith.”

This is interesting.  Fighting feminist fire with feminine fire, are we?  Good on ya!

Check it out.

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