Five Aspects of Man is not so much about how-to-be a man as it is about how-to-see a man from God’s point of view. This study does not offer a recipe for manhood. Rather, it provides a framework, within which men can rightly understand themselves and other men as the masculine creatures God created them to be.

The five aspects of man are drawn from five passages in the Bible, selected as starting points for organizing the Bible’s teaching about both masculinity and femininity. Each of these “gender passages” says something basic about males and females and how they relate to one another. These passages along with the aspect of manhood drawn from each include:

  • Lord of the Earth (Genesis 1): Man is created in the image of God to rule and subdue the earth for God.
  • Husbandman (Genesis  2) Man is created to cultivate the persons and things within his realm, so they fulfill their potential within God’s creation.
  • Savior (Genesis  3) Man is created to war sacrificially against evil and injustice until these are vanquished.
  • Sage (Proverbs 1-9) Man is created to be trained by mature men, to gain skill and insight, to take his place among wise men, doing work which counts forever.
  • Glory of God (1 Corinthians 11; Ephesians 5) Man is created to reflect God’s glory in his own creaturely bearing, roles, and activities. Made for God and deriving his own masculinity from God, man relates to nature, women, and other men in ways characteristic of God’s power, righteousness, grace, and love.

This model of masculinity is developed for a student in two courses offered for men: Five Aspects of Man and Five Aspects of Masculinity for Young Men.  The difference between these two courses lies in the target audience for each one.  Five Aspects of Man assumes that the student is well into adulthood, usually (though not necessarily) married and the father of children.  Five Aspects of Masculinity for Young Men is aimed at mature high-school through college age men, assuming that for such students marriage and fatherhood are still “out there” in their futures.

Joel Bundt maintains the Five Aspects of Man audio transcripts. You may listen to them here.


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