Tempus fugit

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Location, location, location.

Reading is much easier than writing.  So, during the holidays, I’ve read more blogs than I’ve written.  And, reading others’ blogs shows me that their authors, too, have probably been occupied with things other than writing.

No matter what I’ve been reading (or where), time has been moving at a rapid pace since my last blog.  I write now, simply to say that I’m still here, finding my way out of the reading room.  In the aftermath of Advent and Christmas, I find a large pile of things to do, among them to post something out of the dozens of bloggable matters I’ve pinned to the walls of the reading room.

For now, however, I’ll content myself with a note of thanksgiving for the previous season — the time with family and friends, my gratitude for the Lord’s grace and blessing on my children and on the families in my parish. 

More to come …

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