Useful Links This is the site where curricula and other resources for the Five Aspects of Man and Five Aspects of Woman curricula are available. Also here are sundry articles and essays on fundamental topics of the Bible’s gender theology.

Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: An excellent and rich site for information, research, and annotated bibliographies of both complementarian and egalitarian work. Entire books are online here. Check it out.

Complementarian Christian Coalition Forum: This Yahoo Groups forum may be read by anyone without joining. You must join in order to post messages. Inhabited mostly by complementarians and the occasional egalitarian provocateur, discussing ongoing issues in the comp/egal controversies.

Gene Edward Vieth is the Provost and Professor of Literature at Patrick Henry College, the Director of the Cranach Institute at Concordia Theological Seminary, a columnist for World Magazine and TableTalk, and the author of 18 books on different facets of Christianity & Culture.  His blog gives a lucid orthodox Lutheran perspective to modern issues, and among these “gender issues” surface from time to time, with cogent commentary and analysis by a cadre of Viethian commenters.

Out of Our Minds Too: This blog by Timothy and David Bayly often engages issues in the current controversies between patriarchalists and egalitarians. Both men are clear-sighted about the toxic effects of egalitarianism on mere Christian orthodoxy.  Sometimes, the latest issues on their blog are awash in controversies within Reformed-ville.  But, the archives are full of fascintating and helpful analysis of controversies in gender theology, within the PCA (which, sadly, seems oblivious to its incremental slouching toward egalitarianism), within Reformed Christendom generally, and within broadly evangelical Protestantism.

Mere Comments: This blog by the editors of Touchstone often airs opinions, analysis, and criticism of contemporary issues in gender theology. Watch particularly for blog entries by S. M. Hutchens, Russell Moore, and Anthony Esolen for highly insightful commentary on current topics in gender controversy.  

Sand in the Gears:  This is Tony Woodlief’s blog on family and faith and many related things.  Highly recommended.

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The first two white papers to move from our old web site to this one is now online: Crosstypes and Is God Masculine?

As additional white papers are posted to the archive of white papers, we will post a notice in this space.

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Bill's blog Faith and Gender is now partially migrated from the servers of ICGS' old web site to this one. The comments are now visible! When we get a few more tweaks and tests done, the category tags will show up again.

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