Welcome to Five Aspects of Woman

Do You have questions about womanhood and femininity?

We believe the Bible speaks clearly and encouragingly to the issues women face.  It gives direction, it brings life and health and peace, and it has principles that apply to questions Like:

  • What is God’s design for me as a woman?
  • What is femininity?
    • Is it fundamentally different than masculinity? How so?
    • Is it something specifically created by God? Or is it just a result of the physical differences between man and woman?
  • What is my role in my family, my church, my relationships?
  • What are my God-given responsibilities?
  • How do I relate to my husband, to men at work, to my sons?
  • God has given me a good mind. I enjoy thinking, analyzing, planning, and organizing. I also have a longing to be at home, to be a mother.
    • How does all this fit together?
  • Things are messed up in my life–my relationships, my life choices.
    • What do I do now?
  • There are basic principles for living the Christian life: living by faith, forgiving, being Christ-like, and so on.
    • How does being a woman relate to this?
    • Are there additional basics for a woman? (and for a man?)

We invite you to look into our material.

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The first two white papers to move from our old web site to this one is now online: Crosstypes and Is God Masculine?

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A Bridge Too Far — When Masculinity Mattered at the Movies

Brad schaeffer's essay at Big Hollywood looks at the masculinity portrayed in the 1977 film A Bridge Too Far, noting the sea change in the kind of men one finds in film 40 years ago compared to the male "heros" of today: "the pasty-faced overly-sensitive coastal metrosexual vampire ('Twilight') or the buff but caricatured superhero ('The Green Lantern'). Read all of Schaeffer's essay here.

Schaeffer concludes his essay with this observation:

My son, not yet 10, loves this movie [A Bridge Too Far]. My theory is that when he sees how these soldiers comport themselves with stoic valor that belies their genuine fears it taps into his still developing innate manhood; something primordial in him triggers a connection with alpha males like Col. Frost, the taciturn Gel. Gavin (O’Neal) the rock steady British Genl. Roy Urquhart (Connery), the no-nonsense cigar-chomping Col. Stout (Gould) and the cool and collected Sgt. Dohun (Caan) – who risks court-martial to honor a promise to keep his severely wounded lieutenant alive.





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